Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Monthly Home Visit: Contemplative branch of the Holy Family Association

The Holy Family of Nazareth has entered thousands of Christian homes through the Monthly Home Visit.

The Monthly Home Visit consists in a grouping of families who form a part of the Association of the Holy Family.

The Holy Family little shrine occupies a visible place in each home where the members of the family gather to pray special devotions to Jesus, Mary and Joseph, for their own and other families, for the intentions of the members of the Association and of the Holy Father and the Holy Father.

A Contemplative Association

The members of the Monthly Home Visit form part of a contemplative group of families devoted to the Holy Family of Nazareth. They are formed in a life of prayer, of meditation and of Christian contemplation. In this way, devotion to the Holy Family will not experience the danger of being reduced to the repetition of words and private prayer.

It is not enough for a Christian to be only a person of prayer because Christian prayer is nourished in an encounter with God and with the community. To better understand the spirituality of Nazareth, the members of the Monthly Home Visit participate in Advent and Lenten retreats. They are also offered spiritual direction and workshops on prayer and on the Bible.

Coros of the Holy Family

Each group of 10, 15, or 30 families forms a coro, or society, of the Holy Family. The coros are coordinated by a person called a celadora or celador (custodian). This coordinator supervises the travel of the little shrine to all the homes in his or her care, keeps up-to-date lists of the members and informs the members and the Spiritual Director of the activities, anniversaries and deaths of the members of the coro.

The Monthly Home Visit is a fountain of vitality in the Holy Family Association because its prayer maintains watchfulness and renews all the groups and members of the Association. Because of this, the members of the Monthly Home Visit should always stay informed and learn the work of the Association, especially that which requires the deepest urgency and attention on behalf of the membership.

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