Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Prayer, Ongoing Formation and Mission of the Holy Family Association

The emotional and spiritual growth of the members of the Holy Family Association is aided by the time that we dedicate to:

- prayer
- the study of the Bible
- celebrations of the family and of the community
- assistance to other persons and families

Christian formation and education always includes these four elements: PRAYER, KNOWLEDGE, CELEBRATION and COMMITMENT.

However, there are times when we feel much more ready to participate in some activities than at other times. Hence, while some members of the Association of the Holy Family help other families by participating in projects and activities which bring solidarity, other members deepen their knowledge of the Gospel and of the spirituality of the Holy Family. To each one, however, the same Spirit and the same vocation unites and sustains the “Making a Nazareth in every home.”

The members of the Association of the Holy Family take part in the mission of the Church contributing with its own Nazarene spirituality and prayer, receiving ongoing formation and carrying out projects of solidarity with families in dire need of help.

The members of the Association of the Holy Family are united by prayer, meditation on the word of God and the contemplation on the mystery of Nazareth. They experience their identity as baptized Christians through Bible study and the traditions of the Church, and they demonstrate their vocation as sons and daughters of God by serving first their brothers and sisters (families) who most need their prayer and help. In this way, the spirituality of the Holy Family transforms an area  that is private and personal in to building a church of families where forgiveness, reconciliation and communion are stronger than the contradictions, failures, weaknesses and sins that separate us.

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