Tuesday, March 25, 2014

THE MONTHLY HOME VISIT: Celadora responsibilities

● The Celadora is responsible for the Little Chapel of the Holy Family and ensures that it travels in a timely manner from family to family each month.

● The Celadora calls the members of the Coro for all retreats, activities and feasts of the Holy Family, including Mass and receptions.

● The Celadora locates the Little Chapel when a member reports that it is running late.

● If a problem arises in the Coro, the Celadora brings up the problem with the General Celadora.

● When a member dies, the Celadora calls the family and offers them the Little Chapel.

● The Celadora brings the Little Chapel for the Feast of the Holy Family.

● The Celadora coordinates the Coro to assist for the Feast of the Holy Family, or in any other activity or retreat in which the Coro is called.

● The Celadora collects money donations from the Coro.

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