Tuesday, March 25, 2014

THE MONTHLY HOME VISIT: General Celadora responsibilities

● The General Celadora coordinates meetings, activities and retreats of the Monthly Home Visit, with the Celadoras.

● The General Celadora assists the Cela doras when situations arise that need to be solved in a Coro. May include talking to members or setting up a meeting with the Pastor.

● The General Celadora offers his/her collaboration, and of the Coros, to the Pastor for the Feast of the Holy Family.

● The General Celadora attends Parish Pastoral Council meetings on behalf of the Monthly Home Visit. Also attends national and international meetings of the Holy Family Association, as required.

● When a Coro member dies, the General Celadora helps the Celadora and Coro members to lead prayers of the Rosary for wake service, if requested by the family. The General Celadora asks Celadora to offer the Holy Family Capillita to the family for the services.

● The General Celadora informs the Pastor and the Holy Family Association when a member is very sick or dies.

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