Thursday, September 29, 2011

Holy Family Association: Agents of the Nazarean-family Apostolate (Pastoral Plan, #22)

We are the primary ones who must “promote with great care the honor, imitation and cult of the Holy Family” (Constitutions 2), first and foremost through our religious consecration and the testimony of our personal and community life. We find collaborators among priests, religious men and women, laity and families, who share in the same common task, according to their own condition in the Church.

In a very special way, families identified with the Nazarean-family spirit, make of it an essential part of their lives and are a living testimony and effective source to promote the imitation, devotion and values of the Holy Family in the bosom of the family group.

Families will address this task of evangelization, first of all, towards themselves, for the spouses and parents are the priests of the home, and, inasmuch as they can, as a demand of their sacramental state, will extend it towards other families, promoting the good news of Nazareth through their testimony and pastoral activities in those places where they live (other relatives, parish, job, neighbors, friends...), or working together with the Sons of the Holy Family.

The testimony of life of religious and families shows the complementarity of our calls in the one and primordial human call to love, whose image and full realization is the Holy Family, to whom we go to live, in a personal way and as a community, our self-giving attitude towards God and our brothers and sisters.

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