Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Holy Family Association and the means of our mission (Pastoral Plan, #21)

Prompted by a special pontifical decree, we are called to promote the Holy Family Association, founded by Pope Leo XIII in 1892, and renewed and updated by John Paul II in 1987. Its nature and purpose match our call and mission.

The Holy Family Association provides for an appropriate pastoral platform to fulfill our mission, for the members of the Holy Family Association live a specific form of consecration to the Holy Family by which, personally and as a family, they gradually become a community of disciples, witnesses and apostles of the Holy Family. Thus,

- As disciples of Nazareth, they welcome the Holy Family into their own home as an inspiration for their life.

- As witnesses of Nazareth, they live in their marriage and family the Christian values of the Holy Family.

- As apostles of the Holy Family, they proclaim in word and deed the fruit of these values to other families.

In addition, members of the Holy Family Association, willing to live with more commitment their Christian life according to the Spirit of the Holy Family, can find inspiration, orientation and guidance in our Institute, joining us in a special bond and being part of it.

To promote the honor, imitation of and devotion to the Holy Family, besides the Holy Family Association, we also use other means, such as the Monthly Home Visit of the Holy Family, International Congresses on the Holy Family, the Nazarenum Center, The Holy Family Magazine, the celebrations of our congregational liturgical calendar, etc.

Apart from that, we try to share our spirituality and experience in every plan we carry out in the schools, parishes and missions, family groups, youth movements, liturgies, mass media, etc., with the intention that “all families of the world imitate and bless Jesus, Mary and Joseph.”

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