Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pastoral Plan of the Sons of the Holy Family, # 19: The Gospel of Nazareth in Our Own Tradition

We consider the triad—Home, Church and School/Workshop—as the most appropriate expression of our tradition to present the Gospel of Nazareth in our apostolate.

Nazareth as a Home expresses the universal call to be “children of God” like the Son, in the daily life of the Holy Family, and to build up with all men and women the family whose Father is God.

Nazareth as a Church opens the Christian family—image of the Holy Family of Nazareth— to a communion with God, which sanctifies family life and makes of it a “domestic church.”

Nazareth as a School/Workshop includes our human and Christian growth, our openness to others and the personal call of each of the baptized.

This plan offers a richness of possibilities for application and adaptation to the multiple circumstances and places where we carry out our Nazarean-family apostolate.

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