Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pastoral Plan of the Sons of the Holy Family, #12: Nazarean-familial Style of Our Apostleship

The spiritual legacy of the Institute—the example of life and holiness of Saint Joseph Manyanet, the testimony of our brothers who have gone before us, the traditions of the Institute and the contribution of the laity who have participated in our call and mission—have led to the formation of some specific expressions of the Gospel of Nazareth, which identify our works.

These are some of those actions:

  • welcoming people and bringing them closer to God;
  • familial environment of joy;
  • trust and simplicity in our relationships;
  • acknowledgment of each person for him/herself and his/her values;
  • promotion of a family spirituality inspired by the Holy Family;
  • encouraging and fostering work and co-responsibility.

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